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The Change Gym

Anaïs Nun made this profound observation about the world: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”. On one hand this means we are limited by our own perception of reality. Many good people are limited by their perceptions of how the world works. Consequently, they have potential they never use, dreams they never make come true, and they settle for what they don’t want.

But equally it also means we have the power to change our perception of reality by changing ourselves. The world responds to us – not because we have great power to manipulate things out there, but because we have the power to change ourselves. There are many things you can’t change in this world, but there’s one thing you can change, and that’s you. When you change who you are, you also change how the world appears.

But there’s a fundamental problem here many people encounter. Maybe it’s not okay to talk about it much, but it’s all around us all the time. Here it is: many people aren’t good at handling change. They feel safer to stay in their comfort zone. They have a perception of reality that fits their experience most of the time, and they can’t imagine any other kind of reality.

But not everyone is like this. Some people thrive on change. They love the challenge of learning new things and pushing beyond the boundaries of their comfort zone. They explore and seek to expand who they are and how they see the world.

So, there’s a difference here, but here’s the question – why? Why do some people embrace change when most people feel more secure with what is familiar, tried, and tested?

What is The Change Gym about? It’s about two things.

  1. First, we’re about helping people get better at change – helping them to become more successful and more capable at handling the change process itself. Change comes into our lives all the time – we grow up, grow older, move in and out of relationships, change jobs, change cars, change careers. It’s a mixture of things we like, and things we don’t. Each of these changes in our experience feels different, but at a deep level they all share a common feature. This common feature is what we call ‘the change process’. And here’s a really important point – if you develop more capacity to succeed at the change process itself, you become more able to succeed at all the manifestations of change you encounter in your life. To develop this capacity to succeed at the change process is to develop your change fitness. If you think about physical fitness as a parallel concept, becoming more physically fit helps you become more successful at swimming, football, tennis, or any number of sporting activities.
  2. Second, we’re about helping coaches and leaders become more effective in helping other people change. We believe all coaching and leading is ultimately about change, and all great coaches and leaders are continual learners. We provide a system and structure within which they can be more effective in helping people develop and express their change fitness. We supply the system, tools, and structure; they supply the magic.

We are always looking for great coaches and leaders to partner with us. If you like the sound of what we’re doing, and you’re open to learning and growth, reach out to us and let’s explore what we could create together.

The Change Gym (ABN: 94 142 055 589) is an Australian company established in 2010. We provide online training and resources to coaches, social workers, counsellors, psychologists, leaders, managers, and OD and L&D professionals.

We are affiliated with the International Coach Federation, the Australian Association of Social Workers, and the University of Tasmania.

Our training programs focus on personal change fitness, organisational change readiness, and the ongoing development of coaching competencies.

We offer our programs online around the world. We currently provide services in Australia/NZ, North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. All our training is in English.

Our Directors are shown below, but we also have a team of dedicated certified change fitness coaches who help deliver our programs. If you are interested to learn more about this, and explore opportunities, please contact Dr Steve Barlow via the link below.

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