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The Personal Change Fitness Program is an approved ICF Continuing Coach Education course. It is worth 21 Core Competency hours and 3 Resources Development hours.


The Certified Change Fitness Practitioner program articulates into Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, and Masters programs at the University of Tasmania.


  • greater confidence in your ability as a coach and the value of your work?
  • personal and professional growth to help you achieve your goals?
  • formal certifications as social proof of your growing expertise?
  • increased profitability as you develop your service offering and skill set?
  • increased actual and perceived value to your current and potential clients?

We provide:

  • enjoyable, high-quality programs
  • online accessability
  • easy 24/7 help
  • no financial risk

Check out the questions below to see if this could be right for you.

How Would You Answer These Questions?

  1. Do you want to improve your knowledge, skills, and performance as a coach?
  2. Do you want to deliver better outcomes for your clients?
  3. Are you willing to invest in your own professional development as a coaching professional?
  4. Do you invest in your own personal development on an on-going basis?
  5. Do you want a better understanding of the change process and what it demands of clients?
  6. Do you want training directly from the industry/world experts in the field of change fitness?
  7. Do you want to find a niche in the coaching industry?
  8. Do you want to increase your service offering?
  9. Do you want to attract and retain clients?
  10. Do you want a clear, robust, well-researched framework to guide your practice?
  11. Do you want access to tools, resources, and training reserved for this niche market?
  12. Do you want access to business opportunities?
  13. Do you want white-labeling and licensing opportunities?
  14. Do you want to work towards ICF membership?
  15. Do you want pathways to post-graduate studies at university?

If you want any or all of these things, we can help you and we invite you to talk to us.

Here are some of the benefits you can derive from undertaking our change fitness training:

  • Greater knowledge/understanding of change theory
  • Improved coaching skills in core competency and other areas
  • A clear, robust framework and set of processes to guide your practice
  • Access to world-class, specialised tools and resources to help you put theory into practice
  • Access to resources unavailable to coaches outside our programs
  • Access to a niche and high-demand market
  • On-going business opportunities
  • White labeling and licensing opportunities
  • Pathways to tertiary studies
  • ICF approved program

Yes, you will. You might have completed high-level coach training and kept up with your professional development. You might already know a lot about coaching. This training is about what you don’t already know. 90% of the content we teach in this program comes from our own research and development over the past 15 years. Your growth potential lies in what you don’t already know.

It might be if you’re an experienced coach and you like working with clients on a psychological level. This training fits broadly into the tradition of positive psychology, cognitive psychology, and narrative psychology. It’s based on the idea that we largely construct our own reality and that our current level of change fitness has got us to where we are today. But, to quote Marshall Goldsmith, what got you here won’t get you to there. If we want to grow and expand, we must develop our change fitness. Change fitness is not something we are born with: it’s something we learn.

You might already work with clients on this psychological level, and you might be good at it. But this is a complex landscape and you need as full an understanding of it as you can get. Change fitness is an important part of that landscape. Our contribution to knowledge is to describe what this change fitness landscape looks like, and to provide a framework to work with it. We have researched this topic at the doctoral level and beyond.

This training will help you understand the change process better, and show you the landscape within which your change fitness learning takes place. Unless you understand the important areas you need to develop, it becomes much more difficult to improve your change fitness. This training will provide you with increased understand of this topic, and a framework to guide your thinking and practice.

It certainly has the potential to do that. It will make you more effective as a coach because you will have a better understanding of how people change, where they’re at in the change process, and what change strengths and weaknesses they have. You will also have a well-researched, robust, 21st century framework to guide your coaching. It will also give you a point of distinction – you will know things that many other coaches don’t know, and, potentially, tools that will set you apart.

But to build a successful, on-going coaching practice there needs to be real value for your clients. No amount of marketing, sales, frameworks, or tools will ‘work’ if you’re not a competent coach.

Let’s see:

  • Are you a trained and/or experienced coach of 3 or more years’ standing?
  • Are you already competent in the core competencies specified by the International Coach Federation? If you cannot assure us of your competency in these 11 areas you will not be eligible for this training.
  • Are you eager to develop your coaching skills?
  • Do you have high-level learning ability and are you eager to learn?
  • Are you willing to fully commit to your professional and personal development?
  • Are you willing and ready to take action?

If that’s you and you’re willing to learn and commit to your progress, then you would qualify.

To engage in this training:

  • You need good literacy skills.
  • All instruction is in English.
  • All instruction is online; there are no classes to attend.
  • You must be an experienced coach to qualify for this training.

Places in this training are strictly limited.

This training has been developed by Dr Steve and Stephanie Barlow and represents original research in the field of change and change fitness. Their contribution to this emerging field of psychology has been acknowledged by the University of Tasmania, where they are engaged as industry experts in change fitness theory lecturing to Masters students in the School of Medicine. You will learn information in our programs that will be new learning for you.


To become a change fitness coach and access all the benefits listed above, you need to complete 2 Modules. The first Module is the Personal Change Fitness Program. We have talked about this program elsewhere on this site. If you become accredited and licensed to use our tools, the PCFP becomes a program you can deliver to your own coaching clients. But first, you need to undertake the program as a learner, and experience what your clients might eventually experience. Here are some details about this program:

  • You will need to dedicate 2-3 hours per week for 12 weeks.
  • All learning is online.
  • You must be willing to monitor your own progress and keep yourself on-track. If you don’t, you will not be permitted to progress to the second Module.
  • You must be willing to engage in personal development.
  • This first Module is ICF approved.

The first Module consists of 12 Workouts (units). Each Workout comprises an instructional video, a quiz, and a set of reflective activities. There is also regular one-on-one contact with your trainer over the 12-week period, and an initial change fitness assessment. This change fitness assessment is another tool we will give you access to if you become an accredited and licensed change fitness coach.

To become accredited as a change fitness coach, you must successfully complete both modules 1 and 2. Progression into module 2 is not automatic. If we don’t think the coach is ready to move into module 2, we may suggest they seek further training elsewhere first.

Upon successful completion of Module 1, you may have the option of progressing to Module 2. Module 2 is where you learn how to become a change fitness coach, where you gain some practical experience working with tools and resources, and where accreditation and licensing take place. The second Module is the Certified Change Fitness Practitioner Program.

  • Takes 3-6 months to complete
  • Requires 2-3 hours per week
  • Is online
  • Combines theory with practical application
  • Leads to licensing opportunities. You must satisfactorily complete all set tasks to be offered licensing opportunities.
  • Leads to a credential: CCFP.

The second Module consists of 4 units. These units comprise instructional videos, activities, practical exercises, and regular one-on-one contact with your trainer. Once you have been certified and licensed,k you can use and sell the Personal Change Fitness Program to your clients and coach them through it. You can also use the change fitness assessment tool with your clients.

We provide continuing professional development. This is NOT initial coach training.

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Consider Your Options

Consider Your Options

Which direction will your coaching practice take? You may not really want training right now – after all, it can be an intrusion into an already busy lifestyle and a demand on finances. But training is really just a means to an end. The end is the effectiveness of your practice and the profitability of your coaching business. If the small cost of this training could deliver big dividends to your practice, would that be a good deal? Let us explore with you how this training could be a means to really valuable ends for you. If you can’t see that, this training is probably not right for you just now.

The Change Gym is affiliated with the University of Tasmania (UTAS). UTAS is a public Australian university, and the fourth oldest university in the country.  With a student population of around 34 000, UTAS provides education to students in over 100 countries around the world.

Students completing the CCFP may be eligible to gain credit towards certain Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, and Masters programs at UTAS. You don’t need to live in Tasmania to participate in these online programs. Contact us for more details.


Change fitness is a new concept and the knowledge we have came initially from the PhD research undertaken by The Change Gym’s co-founder, Dr Steve Barlow. Steve & Stephanie Barlow and their team provide coach-specific training in change fitness through The Change Gym. Steve and Stephanie also lecture on change fitness in the ‘Leading and Managing Change’ unit of the Masters of Public Health and Masters of Leadership programs at the University of Tasmania.


I really enjoyed the programme.  I learned a lot about the change process and I am glad I did the course.  It’s given me a better understanding of what people go through when they are dealing with change.

Jaymini, Business Coach

While it was a challenge to me in many respects, I enjoyed the second workout presentation. I see the challenge this process may be to me in some places and I’m certain it’s the place I need to be right now. This course might just be one of those decisions that changes my life significantly (for good).

Stuart, Exercise Physiologist

We could not hope to deliver quality advice and assistance to our clients without an understanding of the principles and practices captured by Steve and Stephanie Barlow.

Paul, Business Consultant

We were having difficulty with some of our team members adopting our change process without really understanding why. Your survey provided specific areas to work on with the team to ensure the change process went smoothly. We now have insight into our current team members which will allow us to drive future change processes.

Peter, Financial Services

Steve Barlow is a true expert in this most important field. I would strongly recommend any business considering or going through the change process to engage his services without reservation. He has much to offer to change management and any individual or group would benefit immensely from his expertise.

John, Business Support
We respect the privacy of our clients – hence, first names only. ‘Change fitness’ is a trademark or registered trademark of Ready For Change Pty Ltd in Australia and other countries.


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