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Develop Change Fitness


Build Your Change Fitness


Become a Personal Change Fitness Coach


Become a Change Readiness Specialist

Human behaviour is complex, and this is especially true when it comes to change. Many people don’t handle change well, and there are complex variables that drive both success and failure. Personal change fitness is among the most important of those variables.

To understand the dynamics of success and failure around change, you must factor in the concept of change fitness. You also need to know how to measure it, and how to help people develop it.

This is an important area of professional development for coaches. Clients seek out a coach because they want to move forward, and to achieve that they usually must grow as people. As Carol Dweck says in her book ‘Mindset’, success doesn’t come to us; we have to come to success. That process of ‘coming to success’ requires change fitness. Without adequate levels of change fitness, your coaching clients may encounter obstacles they can’t overcome.

The training we offer is designed to help coaches improve client outcomes and their competency as a coach. To learn more about this important area of personal growth and professional development, come learn from us. We are pioneers in this emerging field of psychology, we teach it in university Masters programs, and we can help you develop your change fitness and become a certified change fitness coach.