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Certified Change Fitness Practitioner

Are you a practising or formally trained coach? Discover the benefits of becoming a Certified Change Fitness Practitioner.

Become a Change Fitness Specialist – Discover the Benefits

Online Training

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Personal Change Fitness Program 

This 12-week Program is designed for anyone wanting to improve their capacity to handle change. If you find change challenging, stressful, and fatiguing, this Program will help you get better at it. You will learn about the key components of change fitness, and the Workouts will help you improve how you handle change. It’s like having a personal trainer for change.

Certified Change Fitness Practitioner Program 

This 24-week Program is designed for coaches, managers, and OD professionals who want knowledge, skills, and tools to help them grow the change fitness of their clients and teams. Upon successful completion of this Program, participants will be entitled to use the post-nominals CCFP.

Organisational Change Readiness Program

This 10-week Program is designed for change managers and OD professionals who want to learn a comprehensive methodology to improve the change readiness of their organisations. The Certified Change Fitness Practitioner Program is a pre-requisite for this course. Upon successful completion of this Program, participants will be entitled to use the post-nominals OCRP.

All training programs are online. There are no classes to attend.


It is very common for people to struggle with behavioural change. They may seek out a coach to help them improve their lives, businesses, relationships, or careers, but many people find long-term change a difficult thing to achieve. Here are just some of the most common frustrations coaches encounter with certain clients:

  • failure to execute – they promise to do things, but don’t deliver
  • self-sabotage
  • cancelling sessions
  • avoidance behaviours
  • disengeged body language

Sometimes those ‘breakthroughs’ you’re looking for never happen, or they happen too late. If you’re looking for answers about how to deal with clients like this, we have some well-researched ideas and tools that will really help you.


We provide professional development for coaches, managers, change managers, and organisational development professionals in the field of change fitness and change readiness. We help them achieve better outcomes in situations requiring personal and/or organisational change. We train and certify people to become specialists in the change fitness/readiness field, leading to enhanced employment options and business opportunities. We license certified practitioners to use exclusive tools and resources to work with change fitness/readiness.


We have been researching and working with change fitness/readiness for 15 years. We have written 4 books on the subject, one of which is a text in 3 Masters degree programs at the University of Tasmania. We understand change fitness and change readiness.

If you’re looking for professional development to enhance your practice, check out what we have to offer.