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We train and certify coaches, OD professionals, change managers, and leaders in the field of psychology we call change fitness. But training with us doesn’t just give you information and knowledge – it also gives you access to a suite of tools that empowers you to operationalise that knowledge that knowledge – to put it into practice and make it produce benefits for you. It is very practical and you will clearly see how you can use it and how it can help you be more successful.

The Certified Change Fitness Practitioner Program is not a lightweight program. It takes 9 months to complete – if you contribute a few hours to it every week. The Program consists of 3 parts – each lasting 12 weeks.  Before we look at these 3 parts, there’s something you should understand.

Remember I said there are tools you will be licensed to use in your practice? There are 2 main ones. One is a psychometric test that helps you diagnose a client’s change fitness strengths and weaknesses. This is something you would use (preferably) at the start of your time with a client. It will help you understand what their needs are, and how you should approach them. The second tool is a 12 week online program you can give your client to help them develop their change fitness. This program is called the Personal Change Fitness Program, and it targets the very things that the assessment measures. You would give (sell) this Program to your clients – they do it online and you coach them as they move through it. Once you have been licensed, you will be able to use, and make money from, these 2 tools.

Let’s go back to the Certified Change Fitness Practitioner Program.  In the first 3 months, you will experience the change fitness assessment tool and the Personal Change Fitness Program. In other words, you will get the same experience that your clients will get as they work with you. You will complete the Program in your own time, and will meet with your coach from The Change Gym for around 5 hours over the 12 week period.

Once you have completed this first 3 months, you will know whether these tools are right for you. If you can’t see yourself using them, there’s no point in progressing. But, if you can, you can proceed to the second 3 months of the Program. Here you will learn 3 things. First, you will learn more about the change fitness concept, and how it fits into the broader psychological literature. Second, you will learn how to interpret and use the change fitness assessment tool (a psychometric test). Third, you will learn what to do in the coaching sessions to help your clients get the most benefit from the Personal Change Fitness Program.

And what about the final 12 weeks? No more book learning here – you just use the tools with your clients, and we support  you as you practise your new skills. Once you have shown proficiency, we license you.

Want to know more about these Programs and tools? Click on the links below to learn more. You’ll notice a third Program there too.

  This is not initial coach training, but professional development for existing coaches.

Personal Change Fitness Program 

The Personal Change Fitness Program is designed for anyone wanting to improve their capacity to handle change, and it also comprises the first third of the Certified Change Fitness Practitioner Program. If you find change challenging, stressful, and fatiguing, this Program will help you get better at it. You will learn about the key components of change fitness, and the Workouts will help you improve how you handle change. It’s like having a personal trainer for change.

Certified Change Fitness Practitioner Program 

The Certified Change Fitness Practitioner Program is designed for coaches, managers, and OD professionals who want knowledge, skills, and tools to help them grow the change fitness of their clients and teams. Upon successful completion of this Program, participants will be entitled to use the post-nominals CCFP.

Organisational Change Readiness Program

The Organisational Change Readiness Program is designed for change managers and OD professionals who want to learn a comprehensive methodology to improve the change readiness of their organisations. The Certified Change Fitness Practitioner Program is a pre-requisite for this course. Upon successful completion of this Program, participants will be entitled to use the post-nominals OCRP.

All training programs are online. There are no classes to attend.


Are you looking for pathways to move ahead in your career or business? We are about creating pathways for people to move forward.

If you’re interested in working with organisations, we have created the Organisational Change Readiness Program that will equip you to work as a change readiness consultant, trainer, or coach. To participate in this Program, you first need to complete the Certified Change Fitness Practitioner Program. If this interests you, and you want to find our more about it,  just drop us a line.

Or maybe you’re interested in getting better qualified. The Change Gym is affiliated with the University of Tasmania (UTAS). UTAS is a public university, and the fourth oldest university in Australia.  With a student population of around 34 000, UTAS provides education to students in over 100 countries around the world.

Some of the content we teach in the Certified Change Fitness Practitioner is also taught in Grad Dip and Masters programs at UTAS. Most of these programs are in the School of Medicine. Once you have completed the Certified Change Fitness Practitioner Program, you will be give credit towards some of these Diploma and Masters programs. In other words, you can articulate what you do with us over to their online programs. You don’t need to live in Tasmania to do this.

We are always on the lookout for new pathways, so, if you have any suggestions, please let us know.


You might be wondering where we got our knowledge and information from.

Change fitness is a new concept and the knowledge we have came initially from the PhD research undertaken by The Change Gym’s co-founder, Dr Steve Barlow. Since completing the doctorate, Steve & Stephanie Barlow and their team have continued research and development into the fields of change fitness and change readiness. This R&D sits at the heart of all The Change Gym’s programs, but it’s influence has spread into other areas – such as the courses provided by UTAS.

So, if you haven’t heard of it before, it doesn’t reflect badly on you. It’s just new.

New, and really, really important.


I really enjoyed the programme.  I learned a lot about the change process and I am glad I did the course.  It’s given me a better understanding of what people go through when they are dealing with change.

Jaymini, Business Coach

While it was a challenge to me in many respects, I enjoyed the second workout presentation. I see the challenge this process may be to me in some places and I’m certain it’s the place I need to be right now. This course might just be one of those decisions that changes my life significantly (for good).

Stuart, Exercise Physiologist

We could not hope to deliver quality advice and assistance to our clients without an understanding of the principles and practices captured by Steve and Stephanie Barlow.

Paul, Business Consultant

We were having difficulty with some of our team members adopting our change process without really understanding why. Your survey provided specific areas to work on with the team to ensure the change process went smoothly. We now have insight into our current team members which will allow us to drive future change processes.

Peter, Financial Services

Steve Barlow is a true expert in this most important field. I would strongly recommend any business considering or going through the change process to engage his services without reservation. He has much to offer to change management and any individual or group would benefit immensely from his expertise.

John, Business Support
We respect the privacy of our clients – hence, first names only. ‘Change fitness’ is a trademark or registered trademark of Ready For Change Pty Ltd in Australia and other countries.


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