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As humans, we are hard wired to solve problems. Being attuned to threats and problems helped us survive in the past, and it drives many of our instinctive behaviours.

Coaches and their clients are usually problem-focused, although they may see themselves as solution-focused. Either way, they attend to what is wrong and look for ways around it. Although this feels the right thing to do, it is not always helpful and often not the best way forward. There is a better way.

In recent decades a new paradigm has emerged within the social sciences. In psychology it is called ‘positive psychology’, in change management it is called ‘appreciative enquiry’, and in other areas it is called ‘strengths-based practice’.  Rather than focusing on what is wrong (the problem) and looking for a solution, this new paradigm looks for what is right (the strength) and seeks to make it stronger. As that occurs, the person’s capacity grows, and old limitations recede.

The new field of change fitness coaching is a strengths-based approach to enhance client capacity to succeed at the change process. As change fitness grows, the mental states and patterned behaviours that limit success begin to recede and people begin to make renewed progress.

There are limitless opportunities for coaches who become certified change fitness coaches. In this period of history, we all need to handle change and the ultimate strength is the capacity to adapt. If you want to do something important to help other people and, in the process, to enhance your coaching business, you need to check out change fitness coaching.

PLEASE NOTE: The coach training we provide is only suitable for people who are already experienced and/or trained coaches.

Are you a trained and experienced coach who:

  • delivers a great service but doesn’t get enough clients to make a decent living from coaching?
  • knows how to get clients, but the clients don’t pay enough or are not consistent enough?
  • sometimes has clients who don’t make much progress and would like to learn how to help them?
  • wants to help their clients gain more benefits from coaching?
  • wants to learn and improve their coaching skills?
  • wants CCE units from the ICF?
  • wants an integrated framework and a set of integrated tools to guide their practice?
  • likes to be at the growing edge of knowledge and research?
  • wants a specialization and niche in the coaching space?
  • wants potential for referral clients?
  • wants an online, international business?

If you fit any of the descriptions above, you will love what we offer.

Do yourself a favour. Attend a FREE 45-minute webinar to find out what change fitness coaching is about.

NOTE: This in NOT a sales presentation. It is an information session that will help you become a better coach.

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We provide training for coaches in the psychology of change fitness. Coaches who know how to build the change fitness of their clients enhance client performance in the present and make them more empowered to change and create new realities.  We provide a clear coaching framework to guide practice, specific tools for implementation, new coaching services to add to your offering, and a specialised niche in the coaching space.  Following training and accreditation, there is the potential for referral clients, a consistent client stream, high potential earnings, and opportunities for collaboration and teamwork.  To gain access to this training, you must already be a trained coach with experience.

We provide coaching services to individuals and organisations wishing to improve their capacity to handle and succeed at change. These services extend to change leadership and organisational change readiness, especially as they relate to change fitness.

We provide consultancy services in organisational change readiness. Training, coaching, leadership, and change readiness audits provided.

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