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The Change Gym provides:

ORGANISATIONAL┬áCHANGE READINESS AUDITS AND CONSULTING – Our change readiness information, audits, and consulting services will increase your organisation’s efficiency with change, save you money, position you for success, increase engagement, and minimise staff turnover. Discover how much you could save by completing an online assessment.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT FOR COACHES IN CHANGE FITNESS – Our professional development training will help you better understand the change process and how to help your clients develop their change fitness. We provide a robust coaching framework with measurable outcomes, dedicated tools and resources, collaboration with other coaches, and the potential for referral clients.

CHANGE FITNESS COACHING – Our coaching programs will help you improve how you handle change, overcome change fatigue, and move ahead with your life. Dedicated, trained and accredited change fitness coaches will help you succeed. Shorter and longer-term programs available.

The services we provide all have something in common – they all focus on change and our readiness and fitness for it. You might have big plans for your life, your business, or your organisation, but to achieve those plans, you must be able to handle change well. There was never a time in living memory when the capacity to handle change was more important than now, but rather than getting better at it, many people are getting stressed out by it.

You can’t afford that. Not being change-ready and change-fit will cost you dearly in lost efficiency, unproductive outcomes, and bitter failure. Is that what you want?

Now is the time to act. This is the place you will find what you need. Look around and reach out to us. Affordable, online programs and services.



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