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The Change Gym is a different kind of gym. The objective is not physical fitness but change fitness. This is a place where you learn how to handle change better and get ready for it.

Change is everywhere in the modern world. It brings both opportunity and risk. Some people embrace the opportunity and use it to their benefit, but far too many feel threatened and stressed out by change. In a world where change can’t be avoided, resisting and not handling it well is a real disadvantage.

Change is a simple process, but its emotional and behavioural demands are very complex. Change involves risk, and it exposes us to unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations. Most people avoid risk and they don’t like feeling uncomfortable, so many never learn how to handle the change process properly.

But there is some good news – we do have a choice. Either we can learn how to handle change better and harness the opportunities it brings, or we can say we don’t need to improve and watch our dreams and hopes evaporate. Which of these options would you prefer?

The Change Gym can show you what the change process is really like, and how you can become successful at it. With our structured, coaching approach, you can make noticeable, measurable progress in just 12 weeks. Whether you’re an individual or an organisation, you will certainly become more successful if your capacity for change grows and you are ready to embrace the opportunities it affords.

The Change Gym specialises in change fitness and change readiness – that’s what we do. If you want to discover how we can help you, make a decision to reach out to us. The Change Gym will show how change can work out for you.


Coaches, do you want to help people improve their capacity to thrive within changing environments? Do you want to make a positive contribution to society in this age of social and technological change?

If you want to make a real, lasting difference in people’s lives, help them become their own primary agent of change. Change fitness and change readiness coaching is a strengths-based, evidence-based, positive psychology approach that provides a structured coaching environment with measurable outcomes.

There are limitless opportunities for coaches in this emerging field. There is an untapped need, because the ultimate need in this rapidly-changing world is the need to adapt. So, if you want to do something important to help other people and, in the process, to enhance your coaching business, you need to check out change fitness coaching.

PLEASE NOTE: The coach training we provide is only suitable for people who are already experienced and/or trained coaches.

Do you want any of the following?

To grow personally and make a lasting difference?

An integrated framework and tool-set to guide your practice?

To keep up-to-date with the latest knowledge and research?

A specialization and point of difference as a coach?

The potential for referral clients?

An online, international business?


Like to know more about change fitness coaching?

Attend a FREE 45-minute webinar to find out what change fitness coaching is about.

NOTE: This is NOT a sales presentation – it provides information on change fitness coaching to see if it’s right for you.

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What happens in your organisation when you try to change something? Are your people adaptable, ready to roll their sleeves up and embrace something new? Or do they get stressed, resistant, and disengaged?

And how do you approach change within your organisation? Do you use the dominant approach? Would you like to learn a better way? If so, click here.

If your workers resist change and are fatigued by it, you really need to do something about that. You have a change fitness and change readiness problem, but you can do something that will work.

Many of the problems we associate with change are not really problems at all. They are symptoms of weakness, of an inability to adapt. When people become more adaptable and more able to change, most of the traditional problems become less of a problem.

The Change Gym specializes in building change strengths in people and organisations. Why don’t you have a talk to us?