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We provide training for coaches in the psychology of change fitness. Coaches who know how to build the change fitness of their clients enhance client performance in the present and make them more empowered to change and create new realities.  We provide a clear coaching framework to guide practice, specific tools for implementation, new coaching services to add to your offering, and a specialised niche in the coaching space.  Following training and accreditation, there is the potential for referral clients, a consistent client stream, high potential earnings, and opportunities for collaboration and teamwork.  To gain access to this training, you must already be a trained coach with experience.

We provide coaching services to individuals and organisations wishing to improve their capacity to handle and succeed at change. These services extend to change leadership and organisational change readiness, especially as they relate to change fitness.

We provide consultancy services in organisational change readiness. Training, coaching, leadership, and change readiness audits provided.

How Coachable is Your Perfect Client?

Most people would be tempted to say, “Very coachable”. We all like clients who are intrinsically motivated, honest and open, self-aware and responsible, action-takers, self-monitoring, and super successful.

Those in the ‘not-very-coachable’ group are more difficult to work with. They may say the right things, but often they don’t follow through. They make excuses, avoid responsibility, and don’t make much progress. They may smile and tell you how much you help them, but that’s not necessarily what they tell others. Read More >>

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ICF CCE units

Change Fitness Coaching

  1. A clear, easy-to-use, evidence-based methodology to guide your practice
  2. A framework that gives direction, increases engagement, gets to the real issues fast, assesses needs, and measures progress
  3. A set of specialised tools and resources to support your practice
  4. Your own niche in the coaching space
  5. Licensing opportunities
  6. Work collaboratively with other specialist coaches enabling you to scale your business
  7. Potential for referral work
  8. Potential to work with individuals or organisations

If you want to take your coaching career to new heights, we’d love to talk with you.

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